A Woman’s Opinion Of The Top 5 Pistols For Women- Number 4

My #4 pick for best all-around women’s pistol is the Walther PDP F-series 3.5”.

See my number 5 pick here and the Top 5 Pistols for Women post that started this whole thing off.

Walther did some serious soul-searching when they were building this F-series line of pistols.  See the roundtable discussion with some legit women shooters here.  They talk frankly about the fundamental difference between men and women’s hands and how Walther went about building a pistol especially for women.  This pistol has reduced circumference grip, reduced trigger reach, and reduced slide force to fit us better and it’s pretty great.  This line really fills a hole in the market with a quality option.

From Walther’s info page on this pistol:

“Accounting for precise structural differences, Walther has completely reengineered the ergonomics of the grip to be designed for the exact biomechanics of women’s hands. Featuring a new patented operating system resulting in a 20% reduction in slide rack force paired with all the performance duty features of the PDP, the F-Series pistol is the elite choice for all women.”

Walther PDP F-series 3.5”

Walther PDP F-series 3.5”

  1. Quality (scale of 1-10): 7
  2. Cost: $699.00
  3. User-friendliness (scale of 1-10): 8
  4. Red dot readiness: YES
  5. Grip width:  1.34 inches
  6. Weight: 20.3 ounces empty
  7. Overall length: 6.5 inches
  8. Round capacity: 15+1  This means 16 if you carry your pistol with one in the chamber and ready to fire.
  9. Beauty (scale of 1-10): 7

This is a really great option for a women searching for the perfect fit, especially a woman that is petite or has small hands.  You get a lot of capacity and ergonomics with Walther’s amazing quality.  And the gun looks pretty nice, too. So this is number 4 out of my Top 5 Pistols for Women.

And of course, it needs Cerakote with maybe some sparkles or a sugar skull.

Overall score: 7*  **

*this is a made up score by me 

**but also an easy way to understand my opinion of this pistol