A Woman’s Opinion Of The Top 5 Pistols For Women

by a woman that carries every day

by: Amy Johnson

What pistol is right for you?

We are talking about women and guns, specifically pistols, on this post.

There are too many people that think that a woman needs a revolver for her defense weapon/ concealed carry, probably because they think that they are ‘simpler’ for us ladies.  And I am here to let you know that it’s hogwash.  If you can drive a car, you can learn to adeptly handle a semi-automatic pistol.  And with a practice, you can be comfortable and accurate.

Woman learning to use gun
Woman learning to use gun

In this crazy time, I feel like women are wanting to get into the handgun space and sometimes don’t know where to start without feeling intimidated by the dudes at the gun counter.  So I’m posting some starting advice from a woman to all women.  Here are my top 5 all-around semi-automatic pistol picks and why I like them.  I will be posting about each of these pistols, starting with #5 in the near future so you can start learning about which one fits your needs the best.

The world is weird and you may need these kind of skills very shortly.

Woman and gun
Woman and gun

My picks for the Top 5 Pistols for Women :

Here are my top 5 all-around lady pistols:

5.  Ruger Max 9. Ruger’s description here.

4.  Walther PDP F-series 9mm. Walther’s description here.

3.  Smith and Wesson Shield Plus 9mm. S&W’s description here.

2.  Sig Sauer P365 XL 9mm. Sig’s description here.

1.  Glock 43X 9mm. Glock’s description here.

Woman and gun
Woman and gun

Somewhat Honorable Mention: We love Springfield here at Inspired Gunworks.  The quality is amazing and the prices are reasonable and we have had many of their firearms.  The Hellcat is the model that would fit in this list, but I have shot it and really, really hated it.  The recoil is brutal. When I do a post about the top 5 all-around man pistols, the Hellcat will absolutely be on it.

Watch for the next posts

Watch for the next posts where I will give you the simple description of the different variations available under each of these models, along with size, quality, capacity, etc.

P.S. Notice that I have no .380s listed.  While I am not a huge fan of .380s (I will expound in a later blog post), as my logical husband says, and I quote:

‘A .380 is better than a damn stick.’ -Kevin

So if 9mm is a little heavy and bulky and you have your heart set on a .380, I will be doing a top 5 of those soon, too.  Because you need something better than a stick.

And, of course, you should send it to us for custom Cerakote because life’s too short for boring guns.


Women and guns
Women and guns

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